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Identify Target Audience

Once the audiences have been identified, we research their preferences to understand the best and most effective way to reach them.  Able to analyse and interpret data into meaningful consumer and media insights.


Research our Clients Competitors

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your industry peers and competitors. This is the perfect opportunity to identify where our clients competitors advertise, who they are targeting, and what is working effectively.


Media Planning

Media planning is the process of strategically selecting a mix of media platforms to place ads over a period of time in order to achieve an advertiser’s campaign goals. It involves researching, identifying, analysing, comparing, planning, and working around the clients budget. 


Media Rate Negotiation

Long-term media relationships, consistent buying history, and industry know-how, coupled with the audience data available, enables Designshop to secure the lowest possible rates and negotiating Value-Added Exposure for our clients. We assist in the annual contractual negotiations between the media proprietor and client


Allocate & Confirm the Budget

We allocate the spend based on which platform is going to give our client the best return on investment while reaching all the essential people in the audience.


Compile Buying Strategy

We choose which media platforms to utilize, identify media that offer the best cover, value and targeting.


Launch Campaign

During the launch phase, we ensure effective and accurate delivery by planning and scheduling the campaign in advance, allowing time for it to be reviewed and approved by the client.


Monitor & Respond

It is important to be ready to adapt and change the strategy based on the feedback you receive from the client. Reassessment and readjustment during the campaign can help evolve the original plan and strategy.


Analyse Effectiveness

We analyse the campaign based on both qualitative and quantitative results and use this information to elevate the campaign moving forward.


Optimize for Each Channel

By identifying which media platforms received the most positive response, and which ones are converting into purchasing customers, we can maximize the effectiveness of the campaign budget.  We optimize our campaign based on measurable results and future objectives.

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